Traveling to the Philippines and India

It’s time to travel again. There might be many reasons:  People and friendships. Ongoing projects in collaboration with NGOs. Pleasure, destiny, attraction. Maybe even a kind of obsession to travel and to understand a little bit more of this world.

What’s on the agenda? 

  It will be a social and business travel again. A combination of both. Ten days in the Philippines first. Learning about life and living in the mountains of waste, children prostitution and development projects in the slums. Cebu, Manila, Cebu. Followed by three weeks in India – afterwards – and a full agenda: meeting friends and kindergarten teachers, the game tailoring and visiting sisters, exploring a health-related startup project in Kerala,  meeting Indian social entrepreneurs and a leadership week with international managers. 

A lot of impressions, a lot of new discoveries. If you want, feel free to travel with me across the upcoming posts.  


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