In November in the land of Dalai Lama

Coming to Leh for three days only and in November? 

Indeed, in many travel books it is recommended to visit this region in summer only because of the cold in winter times and because it might take more than three days to get used to the missing oxygen in the air. Leh is located at 3300 m and – of course – it wouldn’t be a good idea to use these few days for hiking tour. 

Don’t worry: with some warm clothes, this fantastic blue sky and the sunshine you can stay outside for hours and there is enough to discover in the surroundings of Leh, in the land of Lama monasteries and schools. Did you know that the leaders of the monks on these monasteries are called Head Lamas? 

Now, in the low season before the cold is getting worse you’re mostly the only visitor at the interesting places and you can observe how the monks of all ages and the daily life of the people really looks. In a day trip you can visit at least three or four of the monasteries: Hemis, the oldest monastery,  Thiksay, the biggest one, Stok and Shey, build on a impressive rock. And in the late afternoon there will be enough time to visit Shanti Stupa and to enjoy the sunset from Tarim Gonpa with a view on Leh. 

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