A “close to earth” function in a tribal village in India

It is always amazing to learn about different cultures, how people behave and how they stay together and celebrate in special events. I had several times a chance to take part and to enjoy ceremonies and local functions during my travels in India.

 Sometimes I wonder how these people would think and feel about village celebrations done here in the rich part of the world. Probably, they would miss something, even we include special effects starting from decoration and ending with digital thank you cards.  Often, we invest in  expensive and sophisticated preparations –  are we happy, do we have more fun because of it?

You might ask what I really like about these rural village functions in India? 

It’s the “close to earth approach” that again and again is the most amazing element,in everything – the small drums decorated with flowers, the food served on banana leaves, the one big pot of rice … 

Have a look here at the video. 

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