An Indian NGO that cares about children of prisoners

Prisoners who kill their spouse in domestic disputes leave behind children who are orphaned.

In many cases, when a father kills a mother, their child becomes an orphan and these children are even stigmatized. What will happen to them? A career that leads to prison, too? Or is there a chance and also the good sense if someone to help these children?

Raja is the founder of a NGO that cares about these children: founder of the Global Network for Equality. He has started his activities in 2014. He is sitting in a wheelchair but this has never stopped him to learn and to engage. Especially for those in need. In the last years he has been a kanthari student and learned a lot on how to organize this NGO work.

Raja‘s mission

To provide appropriate care, education, emotional support and conducive environment to the children of prisoners in India to enable them to cope with parental imprisonment and reduce the rate of re-offending as they redefine their lives – that’s his mission.

He has started to accommodate the first prisoners’s children in a few institutions who support his idea. Especially in Chennai he has found a supportive institution. What they offer?

They provide quality accommodation, care, support and education. The children are placed in appropriate learning institutions and provide a conducive environment where the children will acquire values and essential life skills. They facilitate the reintegration and reunion of the children with their parents upon completion of their jail term.

But there is still a lot to do. Raja sees every day the huge need in the villages and cities where he asks to get in contact with these children. There is so much to do.

He needs more money and more institutions who are willing to host these children in an appropriate way. All over India. He needs supporters to support these children.

If you are interested to get in contact, please let me know.

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