When children love to learn about hygiene… learning life lessons through play!

It took nearly a year. It was the idea of some colleagues who had the chance some years back to visit in the MMH insights week or projects and activities, among them also some hygiene activities at schools in India and there they could interact with students. That’s were the idea to do some thing more was born. And the colleagues even coming from different countries and different backgrounds of work they were doing decided to do more together.

It was a lot of extra work, a lot of passion. And with the passion and the intent to contribute they made it. They have developed a very useful and playful workbook on hygiene for children.

This makes a huge difference for more than 900 students and teachers now. And many more will benefit from it even in the future, because translations in other languages and more follow ups are planned…

Just have a look and see more – video:

A workbook that makes a difference

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