Our leaders and colleagues having a nice lunch prepared by a woman micro entrepreneur from our communities in India

A traditional lunch in the small restaurant of a micro entrepreneur women

As part of our Making More Health Leadership week in July 2022 we explored also how the collaboration with two of our partners has developed over the past years – we learned from our NGO partner NMCT in Coimbatore which impact our support had locally during Covid times (especially in terms of home schooling, and hygiene knowledge/soap making – skills we had trained already before the pandemic started… and had a great lunch with one of the women of our partner cooperative Vimukktha.

One of the women in the cooperative who over the past year has participated in many of our training sessions has opened her own small restaurant. Instead of going to a modern restaurant we decided to enjoy her cooking while also recognizing her great efforts and could learn how a normal lunch offered to working people is set up. Having a lunch in her micro restaurant was a real great experience!!!

Let’s listen and watch what she shared: Video

We are happy to see all this progress and are proud that with the Making More Health activities we could give some essential support and skills to make this happen!

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