System Changer Network India – here we are!

Launching the System Changer Network India, April 2023

There are many networks in the world, mostly topic- or people related, formal or informal, aiming to share or to put efforts together. There are also many networks in the NGO world, on national and international level.

So, why another one? The System Changer Network India aims to build system solutions, following system of systems approaches, and focuses on change engineering rather than looking at a specific solution and scale up only.

  • builds strategically and systematically structures “on the ground” that accelerate the knowledge and skill transfer to vulnerable communities – while using the talents of the communities themselves wherever possible. Scaling out and handing over ownership starts right from the first moment.
  • Starts from the needs of those communities (we are working with and which are managed by our SCN partner NGOs on a daily basis) while taking into account who/ which communities (farmer cooperative, self help groups, villages in rural and communities in slum areas) needs what, when and where. It is about “personalized change”. Not about scaling whatever we think is important to everyone, but offering choices. The locals and the NGOs who work with vulnerable communities know the best what fits when and what activities needs to be combined and happen in parallel to lead to a sustainable and welcome change. We combine scaling up with scaling deep.
  • We are able to measure the network system thus making visible and evident what is key to leverage the acceleration of change, identifying “gaps” , bringing innovative solutions at the right moment to the right “entry point on the ground” and scaling it from there across.
  • We measure the number and quality of activities and projects AND – this is the innovative part – network structures within the SCN, we match it against 20 basic needs of the vulnerable communities we have identified. We analyze what is missing, weak or strong and besides numbers create diagrams and visualizations of change.
  • We work on several levels looking into building ecosystems of innovation ( e.g with social enterprises), ecosystems of funders which we “ make travel” on the structures we hat building on the ground.

Somehow it is as if we build the roads, turnarounds, highways and secondary roads, and connect them. We build hubs where the means, the solutions and knowledge as well as the tools needed are available. We allow our vulnerable communities “to learn how to go to those hubs , how to make the best out of it” while empowering them to transport those goods also to others. In a holistic way, with many diverse products and knowledge offers. We accelerate the transport from A to B owned by the people on the ground. We analyze which roads are missing, where are the traffic jams, and look for those partners and solutions furthering the infrastructure, those who can bring in the knowledge on how to drive, but also the needed means and innovation.

Analysis of strengths, SCN India signature ceremony to become a SCN member and first measurements

You want to get some more information? Feel free to contact!

Listen here to some statements from our SCN partners India about the launch of this exciting network:

Video statement from our NGO partner REAL and SCN core partner of the System Changer Network

Leader NGO REAL in Tamil Nadu

Video statement of Vikasana NGO, Karnataka:

Video statement of one of our related partners, Dr Naveen, Coimbatore

We look for impact investors and companies who want to build together with us the “big picture of change” while focusing on win- win – wins.
By the way: are you interested in an experience week onsite to see yourself what is happening on the ground and how before taking the next step? Feel free to contact!

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