Perceptional change – the viral effect of doing good

Maybe you have heard about the Dove experiment. What you can see in the video about this experiment is the following: there is a painter drawing women according to how they describe themselves. He cannot see them during the experiment. Afterwards a second portrait is done – this time there is another women describing the woman painted before. And the painter does a second portrait of the same person. What is fascinating is that the women painted describe themselves in a much more critical way than those women who describe them. There might be many reasons and opportunities to discuss this phenomena.
But it shows clearly that there is a huge difference of how we perceive ourselves and how others perceive us. And this kind of perception is often the basic on how we feel and behave.

What do you think who you are? A doinggooder?
Are you the one who makes a difference, the one who can have social impact and change the world? The one who really can do good? No? You think this can be done by a few persons only? Just by the famous ones such as Albert Schweitzer, Muhammed Yunus and …! And yours is just, well … It’s just un invisible, unimportant piece of you do not exactly know what? Unnecessary to talk about and to share with others?

Well, often your “small good” contribution will be seen differently by other people, just like in the Dove experiment. Although they might not always tell you. Or you simply do not see their enthusiasm, as you do not rate it so positive as they might do.
But if we do not feel that we do good, aren’t we somehow stopping ourselves from doing more often small, “invisible” good things?

Just imagine…
Just imagine the kind of impact we could have on others if we felt more intensely that the small piece we contribute makes the difference. That it is important to others and help to create a better world. Wouldn’t we do it more and more? Just imagine the positive effect on ourselves of feeling more “beautiful” just by recognizing that these small pieces make the difference. We’ d love it and the “viral” effect of doing good could be enormous.

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