How you can help to promote social entrepreneur ideas

On 22nd June, took place the Impact journalism day, a day where 20 journals from 20 countries dedicated a supplement to social impact topics.
That’s what they did:

Building a network of like-minded editors

Impact Journalism Day works through sharing. Each newspaper in the project found the most inspiring change-makers and creative innovations in their country, and offered those stories to all the other partners. Sparknews also contributed over 20 original articles to the IJD package. Each editor created their own dedicated solutions supplements from this collaborative content.

(source: see below – sparknews website)

This day is just one example of sharing and promoting initiatives that create social impact.

How can you support?
I think these impact awareness initiatives should become more known and we all could contribute whether being involved actively or not as social entrepreneur stakeholders.
The idea of social enterprises is not a general public topic yet, I mean if we ask people on the street often they simply do not know local examples, they are not aware that there might be competitions ongoing, organizations that are looking for new ideas and that there could be opportunities for themselves. And that they could also become an important player , e.g. by delivering a small missing piece which would be that easy sometimes – if they just knew…

Somehow social entrepreneurship, the idea to combine social needs with business ideas, is still unknown in larger populations, at least it is somehow a topic that is not part of daily conversations among people who are not directly involved.
The number of social entrepreneurs is growing, without doubt. More and more organizations, universities and political institutions get aware about this “trend”. But there is still a long way to go unless people start talking about it in bars and on the streets.

But imagine they would to…
So, also here applies the old story, do good and talk about it!
We all can contribute and create impact just by integrating this information into our daily conversations.
Let’s go and start talking about it – with our friends, colleagues and neighbors.

Just e.g. one story shown during the impact journalism day could make them think …and I am sure you find an idea which is really exciting to you!

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