Social business? Only, if business goes human

(Image taken from video: Come along with Hariya: Dive deep into a river. Hop from tree to tree. Or, soar high into the skies.Source:

Are you an entrepreneur? A traditional business/industry man or woman working many hours a day? Maybe an representative from a large organization or institution? And your working day is full of:
Writing conceptual papers, pushing strategy development, taking care on documents , driving business conversations, preparing business travels , visiting conferences, networking with other external and internal ¬†institutions and administration, ¬†adapting and placing technology, solving legal issues ….?

What moves your heart?
All these activities are necessary, without doubt.
But there is still another one, especially if it is more that we want to achieve, more than selling and producing, more than making money, if it is about understanding people and creating real impact, if it is about changing the world, understanding the people, their lives, needs and dreams.

Have you ever thought on how your business or campaign and societal needs fit together? Which activities are needed to engage people and to make them friends of your ideas? Supporters? This morning I found an interesting environmental video from India.

Environmental critical topics are shown from different perspectives: life in water, life in forest, air pollution, towns without green.
It is targeting young people. It contains a huge number of Indian culture:
the music, the colours, the Bollywood touch.
Some protagonists and heroes, clearly shaped and identifiable by how they behave.
Clear understanding of what the problems are and what impact it has.
Understandable to everyone.
Bad situations are shown, followed by solutions. How to do better…
Hope is a basic element and willingness to understand and change.
Friendship and relationship is key for understanding.
Dancing, playing, singing

These are the human elements to be integrated into traditional business thinking. A vision, and values. Only if business goes human, if entrepreneurial traditional business world and people’s daily life and dreams find together, we have a real chance to change and doing better.

We are not two different worlds. Business needs to become part of our cultural and emotional roots and viceversa. The so- called social business. Maybe it is the only way. What do you think?

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