Children books and Social change – help needed

There has been written so much about education as a key element to social change. And probably there are only a few things in the world that are that true.
When I came across this chart I was really surprised how many children books lack of diversity.


On the other side I know some people who are writing with enthusiasm, probably also some of them for children. And maybe some of you also on children from different countries and cultures. I do not refer to professional writers, but just to you and you and you …..
So, why not create a win win for all?
Why not setting up a source where children can just download your stories and read it? Why not looking for some hobby illustrators or also professionals who are interested in helping to add good illustrations to it? Why not working together with industries to find some sponsors for print versions?

What do you think?

Do you have a story to share? Could you help to illustrate? Are you a potential sponsor?

If you have stories, ideas, thoughts to share please contact me via my twitter account (@famina) or via the comment function of this blog.
I am particularly interested in health related stories for children from all over the world. And children as protagonists coming from all over the world.
Looking forward!

Please note:
It is not about gaining money.

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  1. Caroline says:


    Greetings from Ireland, where an award-winning childrens’ story-book, “A Birthday For Ben” was published in 2009 to introduce the topic of hearing issues to all children, aged four to eight. All details of the book are at

    In 2009 the book received the Moonbeam silver-medal award in the US, and during 2010 was animated by a major UK-based TV firm,, for the global web-portal.

    Two Irish-based social ventures created this book ( & and commissioned a culturally deaf artist to illustrate the book to its creative specification.

    Let us know if you’ve any queries about the book, and we will oblige.



    1. digitaltome says:

      Hi Caroline, thanks for sharing. I am thinking to set up a platform collecting all these books and stories and to connect with some industry. But before doing so, I need some more material. It would be fantastic if you and other readers can help me to collect. If this project evolves, I will come back to you.


      1. Caroline says:

        Thanks Manuela, for following up – in addition to the ITV storybook portal, we’ve seen (another initiative in Ireland!). They may like to hear of your idea to create a platform toward diversity in childrens’ books. Keep us posted on your deliberations as we’d like everyone to reach a wider audience.


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