Spreading social good? It’s not about scaling up, but scaling deep

Have you ever asked why social entrepreneurs do often focus that much on scaling up? Especially, when they start thinking on further development of their business already working well on a local level?
This is not bad, do not get me wrong, but I just wonder why social enterprise thinking takes the traditional old ways of economic scale up, the traditional economic thinking which is learned from huge brands following the recommendation to open as many affiliates as you can and cover entire markets before others do.
Or is it simply due to a natural human instinct to conquest terrain?
Yes, the social enterprise idea is – in many cases – good, there are win win situations for society and business owner and this is something that should be repeated at many other locations. But why does this lead automatically to a kind of business owner scale up? A social entrepreneur becomes a global player, if he/ she is successful. And all the others? I mean are we looking for a social entrepreneur type á la successful industrial business managers?

Maybe it would be worth to scale more in depth. You don’t necessarily have to replicate your model by yourself. But to find partners and people who learn about it, help to share the knowledge that can make the world a better place, to translate the new idea to the rest of the world; and to embrace the change and then spread the knowledge.

The longer I think about the more I am convinced that one of the most important things within social entrepreneurship is communications. In all directions. But this might be a different topic for one of the next posts …

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