Engaging for society or becoming a manager? Just combine!

“To stay engaged with global markets and be successful in the future business must get social.” Being social is now a must. Putting the customer in the enter of attention and allow him to connect. Anytime, anywhere. This has been developed over years now and is not really new any more.

But what is meant by using the term social? Using social media? Or still more? Much more? A different way of doing business?
How different?

‘Business is business and social is social.’
You may think ‘Business is business and social is social.’ This is the natural response, “social” is good, but you cannot do business with it. Social is not results focused enough.

But, what if this kind of thinking that characterized our last decades is wrong or in other words it is time to change? What if social and business are just artificially separated and it is time to reconnect?

Is it the right time now to rethink? Yes, it is. Definitely!
Because social means human. It is an understanding that relationships and networks are complex. Our business management models are based on a belief that our structures are merely focused and calculable.
This is the big hurdle to take. It will be a long way. With a lot of obstacles, starting by finding the right language to bring both together. To communicate and make understand what we are looking for.

Managers create complicated systems by first designing the parts, and then putting them together. But it doesn’t work for complex systems, like brains, software development teams, society.

Social means the bonds that keep us together. Much of it is about trust. If I trust you, I might ask you for advice, so trust is essential for collaboration. Business is social because it involves people. Business must be more social the more complex the work and the greater the need for collaboration. We foster innovation through social interactions.

As Tim Kastelle says: “Connecting ideas is the core of innovation, but without connecting ideas to people, there is no innovation at all.”

There are so many things coming to my mind, if… If we just leave our traditional thinking of two different worlds.

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