Social change? Culture is the key to people’s heart

It’s culture that often is underestimated when plans are made how to offer a better education, how to change economic crisis and critical social behavior. But culture is often the key to people’s heart.
An example is the music school in India. Music lessons, normally not accessible to the average and poor population, are the key to change:
Extract taken from:
‘School Without Walls’ and ‘Kalkeri’ are new faces of India’s changing education system
by Zoe Hamilton

“…In the outskirts of Dharwad, smack dab in the middle of absolutely nowhere, …you can hear sweet traditional Karnataka music plucked by the fingers of first through tenth graders.
It’s Kalkeri and it’s a music school…International volunteers come from all over the world to be a part of this alternative musical education institution…

Desai from School Without Walls, learned what he knows from Baskin Robins. Working at Baskin Robins as a young man, he realized that the company, as would be natural for a multinational ice cream chain, focused on earning and uniformity. Indians, he says, have lost cultural literacy with too much of a focus on learning to earn. His school, School Without Walls, instead focuses on cultural literacy, consciousness and the local.

Situated on a commune in Karnataka, the School Without Walls has no curriculum. Rather “the landscape is the curriculum,” Desai exclaimed, “focus on local problems.” Students come and learn what they want to learn through exploration and play…
Students come from all ages and backgrounds to this small alternative commune…

The children study the arts as well as more traditional academic studies. They arrive in first standard and start with three hours of arts classes a day: vocal, dance, drama or an instrument. As they grow older they pick a concentration in only two of these areas and dedicate five hours a day to their arts. …Students also work on academics in the afternoons. To date, 100% of their students have passed their national exams, 85% of their students continue on to study in a university. At present, 200 students study at Kalkeri…”

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‘School Without Walls’ and ‘Kalkeri’ are new faces of India’s changing education system
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