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Good social responsibility requires our personal engagement – because it helps to grow people differently 

The first game tailoring training started one year ago.  The women were keen to learn but they were a little scared whether they could make it or not. Hand embroidery, working on a more complex design, knowing that they were … Continue reading

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When poor girls learn about graphic design 

It’s a small project, but one of those projects which makes a difference in the lives of young adults. Directly, without  too much theoretical thinking how to do it, but just by starting and making a difference – step by … Continue reading

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India – Discover colours and textiles

Coimbatore is one of the famous  textile cities and hubs in India. Besides the textile industries where the production of yarns and clothing takes place and is exported to all over India and the world, there are many huge shops … Continue reading

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Talking about life at a handicrafts shop in Cochin

  It’s one of the bigger handicrafts shops at Fort Cochin.  One of those shops where during the high season tourists from all over the world stop to buy some souvenirs from India. But today there are not many people. … Continue reading

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Feel at home – and live the spirit of a Haveli 

  I have never met more interesting people in such a short time than during my stay at a  Haveli in Ahmedabad. A Haveli originally was a rich merchants house and you can see many of them in Guajarat and … Continue reading

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