Why social entrepreneurs need more socializing


There are a lot of good initiatives ongoing in several parts of the world. Some of them are more social driven, others has also a sustainable financial business model behind. However, what is often underestimated is the aspect of involving people from ‘outside’ actively and making them part of the implementation, be it on site, eg in the emerging countries, be it in the economic stakeholder world.

“No time, not enough employees, we are still at the beginning” – these are often the arguments why the active involvement of people from outside is rare and mainly just event-based. The main business is done by the regular staff members. They develop ideas on how to do, they manage, they implement.
It might be true. There are fantastic projects ongoing and great people are doing a really good job. Often with a very few people.
But it is obvious that HOW we think and act, is often still very tradition like. Somehow there is still the old traditional thinking of ‘keep your business yours’ behind.

When it comes to social entrepreneurship it is not that much the lack of willingness to share ideas and risk that others do the same. But it is the way how these ideas, how the business to ‘change the world’ is structured. Often it follows still our traditional set ups. There is someone who manages and develops ideas and others that wait for tasks and exercise. Of course, I think that a structured approach and leadership is needed. But when it comes to people and organization involvement there is a huge potential for optimization. Socializing the ideas and activities and networking should be at the focus and not just a site effect. What do you think?

How socializing is your social business?
How many of all these social enterprises organize really socializing ways and integrate it into their daily activities? Not just one time events, but as essential source of their activities?

Nor do I refer to daily Twitter and Facebook posts – although these are powerful tools to get your ideas known and to create a community.
What I mean is the socializing content of the business itself, the way to think further , ‘across the traditional borders’ and to make these communities an active part of what you do.

I found some good ideas here – the Pantstopoverty – the pantrepreneurs.
“…Often education is based on old text book approaches that support the status quo rather than enabling students to learn amazing entrepreneurial life skills that make the world a better place…
Developed in partnership with the Gazelle Group of Colleges, Pantrepreneur is about to enter it’s 4th year and has so far supported over 2000 students across more than 25 further education colleges in the UK. It is an entrepreneurial education competition embedded in the curriculum that sees students sell as many of our glorious pants as they can in a 6 week period to win the trip of a lifetime to meet, live and work with the farmers and factory workers that make our glorious pants.

I am sure that in the next years a lot more of these ideas are needed. How can we engage people on site – be it in the developed countries, be it in the emerging markets.
Do you have ideas, experiences, or plans to do so? I would love to hear about them.

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