India, Blindia and another travel to Tamil Nadu coming soon

Colorful India – not just for the eyes

For sure, there are several blogs that focus on India. Today, I found a special one:

Unfortunately, it is available in German only. But it shows how a blind person together with his son travelled through Kerala and … really enjoyed, learned and experienced a different culture and an unknown country. It makes you forget any diversity related thinking. Any prejudices, doubts, thoughts that travels like that are not possible for blind people. It is just fascinating to discover Kerala.
These are people who encourage me to go back soon to India, not just as a tourist, but also with the intention to start some initiatives together with local people and organizations. This time I will spend 7 weeks in India, most of the time in Tamil Nadu and re- visit much more into depth social organizations and social entrepreneurs. After my last travel in spring this year a lot of things have happened and some activities are planned – be it from my professional point of view (for those who are interested, just have a look at, be it from a personal point of view. Many challenges, many chances. I will keep you informed.

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