Light means life. Light means loss.


Without doubt, light means life. Light has an incredible influence on our lives. In a positive way. Safety, enabling us to move quickly and continuing with activities that a century ago simply were stopped – due to a lack of light during night.
But what about all these huge cities and places that during night are lightened by a thousands of lamps, traffic lights, spots and promotional lightened banners and houses…. More and more we understand that artificial light has also a negative impact – on our health and on the nature of animals and plants.
Light pollution – what this means and how destroying and dangerous it can be is now scientifically researched on a very broad range of topics.

This video is really enlightening:

Video: Loss of the night

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  1. tedgiffin says:

    Sometimes I entertain the possibility of no power, not tv, no internet, no radio, no communications. What would happen? I believe my role in society would be better off, because I am artist and musician. I could draw photos for people and entertain them by playing instruments. Of course I would really miss having the sanitation department , tho that is a gory thought. Thank you for your time!


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