Coming back to India – Old problems, but new fascination

I’m back again. Back in India, back to Tamil Nadu. The ‘Indian feeling’ has re-started already on my way from Dubai to Chennai. Indian people, Indian respect, Induan friendliness and curiosity…An Indian business man sits besides and it takes just a few minutes to involve the people sitting around in some good, funny and interesting discussions: the flight hours pass quickly. When we arrive we have found out that we know – among the billions of people and organisations – the same people. Ok just two and their organisations – but we both work and communicate with them. In such a plane even one of the biggest countries of the world gets small…

Coming back to India

Many people say you hate it or you love it. There is nothing you can do against. You just come once and try to leave it as soon as possible or you come and stay and come back again and again. It seems that I belong to the second group. No doubt. India is one of the most fascinating, ‘life concentrated’countries I have ever seen. The smells, the sound of Tamil language and colorful promotional banners, the overloaded motorcycles and lorries, the houses in the outer skirts of Coimbatore – all seems to be like before when I left a few months ago.

Even the ugly brickling industry is there 

Dust, heat, some workers who are present even on a Sunday.  Well, whenever possible the workers do their job. In November and December the factories are closed. Closed factories mean simply no income. Years ago the entrepreneurial, but deluding and even destructive promise of new working places convinced poor villagers to join the brickling work. A big boom. A hard and unhealthy work. Some villages, especially those along the main road lost their fertile land by selling it to clever business men for a few rupees and gave up agriculture. So, in most of the families, at least one family member works here, often also two or three and depend on this industry.

But coming back means also to experience again a wonderful landscape, mountains, nature, elephants and impressive birds, colours and the people. Exploring the extremes and the spontaneous Indian creativity to overcome the daily challenges. Plus light, sun, warm temperatures – something I missed during the last months. The fascination for an incredible country full of life is back. I’m looking forward to the next weeks. A lot of small and big experiences is waiting. I’m sure.

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