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When people ask how business can benefit from social activities – learnings  in India 

Often I’m asked: How was it in India? What did you experience? Is it safe? There must have been a lot of poverty?! Do you go back again? Working with a NGO as a business representative ?A lot of questions … Continue reading

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Understanding Social entrepreneurship – overcoming traditional barriers

Have you heard about social entrepreneurship?  You still wonder what it is all about? There might be different interpretations and understanding on what it is, different ways of emphazing more the social or the entrepreneurial aspect in it.  However, thinking … Continue reading

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A billbed for homeless – How the advertising industry can create a better world

Just imagine how many people do not have a home, no house where to go and sleep at night. In India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, but also in many other countries of the world people must sleep on the streets, just lying … Continue reading

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India – Discover colours and textiles

Coimbatore is one of the famous  textile cities and hubs in India. Besides the textile industries where the production of yarns and clothing takes place and is exported to all over India and the world, there are many huge shops … Continue reading

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Show leaders the need for change. Disruptive Leadership Training in rural India

  Have you ever thought about a disruptive, out-of-the-comfort zone leadership training for business managers that besides challenging your managers could also being the starting point to connect social and future business activities? I have experienced many leadership trainings in the … Continue reading

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