Indian women, napkins and the dream of Europe 

Today we stay at a huge and vivid “function” in a small town. It is one of the festivities where year per year thousands of women come together for celebrating the international women day. Some women sell self-made products: tailoring, jewelry, sweets and spices. In one corner there is an overloaded booth with sanitary napkins and a man is distributing promotional flyers. When I see it I’m surprised. I had experienced in the past the preference of European life style, especially in Indian men and women with better income, European clothing, European cooking, European music. But here? In the middle of rural and tribal women from small villages? In connection with sanitation and hygiene promotion?

Join millions of European women 

It is surprising: the flyer shows a group of diverse women, young, smiling, overall happiness and it reads: join millions of Euopean women who choose Bella. And a second one: Bella – best fit for perfect woman!

The hidden message is obvious: if you take these sanitary napkins you will get closer to European perfect women. And be happy. 

I just wonder where these happy women due to “the breathable sanitary napkins” live. What I can say for sure: it is not Europe and if so, the happiness is not based on the usage of the “only breathable sanitary napkins”. But one thing is for sure: marketing follows its own rules – all over the world. 

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