An “open air”  Fitness workout Center in Varanasi

On the way back from Bihar I stop at Varanasi, one of the oldest cities of the world and additionally one of the very holy places in India. There is a lot to see and do there, ca. 3500 temples, ashrams, a huge university – and of course all the ghats and ceremonies. It is definetly worth a visit. Besides the known and famous ghats and sightseeing locations I discovered especially two curiosities: 

In the morning, close to the Ghats near the river Asi – Varanasi has two rivers , Asi and Varan, ending in the Ganga – I pass by a place where “strange things” are put around.  


What is it? 

I wanted to know, too. When I went upstairs onto a small garden filled mostly with sand I could see them: the Indian men in traditional gym outfit exercising. With traditional weights and a lot of body control. I stayed there for a while and observed them.  I was impressed. 

The second thing I experienced took place during one of these famous boat trips on the Ganges. It was a fantastic boat trip along all the ghats, especially during the sunrise. An unforgettable event. But the suddenly, it appears besides: the souvenir boat with small wooden elephants, small religious items and a smiling man asking if there is interest to buy a postcard or one of those items?  

Traditions of this fantastic city, religion and faith,  but also the “unexpected Indian way of doing” – these are things that – without doubt – characterizes this special city!


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