Why I spent an hour with studying Indian job offers on a local newspaper

Professionals wanted - job ads in India
Professionals wanted – job ads in India

Reading newspapers abroad is always an interesting activity to get insights on how local people think and act. National and international events, news, comments should be presented  in a similar way all over the world – as it happened and that’s it – , but by doing so it becomes a hundred thousand different realities. It is interesting to see which international news is published, which one is left out, how big is the media interest in the single countries.

However, even for the local announcement pages the perspective we have on things is questioned.

When I came across the Indian job offers page today of a huge national newspaper I stopped and read through:  colorful announcements, often a limited publishing space and a clear trend which jobs are requested: teachers, graphic designers and web developers, doctors and nurses, engineers.

“…Candidates should have an AICWA qualification and the maximum age limited is 35 years.  The scale of pay is RS. 15600 – 39.100 + grade Pay RS. 5400.”

Publishing the exact pay? Age limitation? Uuuh, just thinking which kind of discussions an announcement or advertisement like this could provoke in Germany: inclusion debates on age, data safety, missing fairness of payment from people working in similar jobs …

But there are even more curiosities: I thought German people are very precise and time-addicted. But just read this one:

For registration please send filled in application along with its enclosures latest by 5th of April, 4:00 p.m”

So, even an exact hour indication here in India …

If you want to see if one of your employees  is looking for a new job opportunity at the competitor’so there is also a solution – just reach out to the exact location at the precise date when applicants should present. No problem to find out when and where this takes place. Often you find the detailed address and timeline  in the announcement itself. Who knows, maybe you can identify one of your best employees and bring him back…

But joking aside.

There is a lot of transparency and clear statements in these descriptions, also in a positive sense. You can look at it and just think: Why do they communicate age limitations? At the same moment these precise indications avoid to attract people that wouldn’t have any chance to get the job. So why invite them to apply?

The payment information? I would say it is not  completely wrong. We rather use senior or junior flowery phrases that make you think this job will be the next step in your career. But we had to learn that the delusion can be high when at the final application stage  the payment discussion takes place – weeks later.

Well, no final conclusion at this point.

But announcements are for sure a way to understand a little bit more the culture and way of thinking of a nation.

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