Visiting an elderly home in India – moments of emotions

India is a very young country in terms of demographics and in the next years they will be at the top of the world statistics. However, society is changing and the needs to take care for elderly is growing. In the last years I have observed that in many cities elderly homes have been set…

Are you a social entrepreneur? Co-creation competition launched

 Do you have a good idea on how to make more health happen? Maybe you already have your own startup or you are starting to think about it.  Covering a social need in the health area is in the focus on what you do?  Just wanted shortly inform about a recently launched co-creation competition.  Making…

Why I spent an hour with studying Indian job offers on a local newspaper

Reading newspapers abroad is always an interesting activity to get insights on how local people think and act. National and international events, news, comments should be presented  in a similar way all over the world – as it happened and that’s it – , but by doing so it becomes a hundred thousand different realities….

The beauty of old tribal women 

The beauty of old tribal women – and their role as change agents In many big cities, with the ongoing globalization and higher education, where young families need to go for work in other areas and personal independence gets higher rated than ever huge changes of family structures are taking place – also in India….

7weeks in India – Travelling with Tamboo, the teacher

Finally, I sit in the train from Kottayam to Coimbatore – together with a huge and heavy suitcase and two bags which instead of becoming less heavy seem to double day by day: a lot of presents and a bottle of water are the last things I had to add. There is no way to…