Miracle Fruit in Wonderland – marketing practices and empathy all over the world 

Soursop, a  wonder fruit
Soursop, the miracle fruit and a wonderland

The miracle fruit “Soursop” , known as Graviola, too, is easily available here in India – in these huge supermarkets, offered not as fruit but – more conveniently- as fruit juice, 50 packages in one container… There are several containers of Soursop juice on the top of the shelf.  On a huge promotional banner all the fantastic benefits of this miracle fruit are listed: it cools fever, it increases the mother milk, it is a remedy against urethritis, haematuria and liver ailments. Not convinced yet? Well, please note: in U.S. and Europe the fruit is sold as “Popular adjunctive natural therapy for cancer”. If it sold there, then it has to be very beneficial , hasn’t it? (I have to admit I never have heard about the fruit and its strength – whether generally not about its special anti-cancer effects – in all these years in Europe, but probably I simply have ignored….).

The Western world is the “wonderworld” for many Indians and … for marketing campaigns and sales activities, as well.  The West is the symbol of the  world of the rich, the cool and sexy people. The big dream of “I have made it”, a paradise for marketing every and each kind of product…

But the real “small sister wonderworld” is even close by and reachable: it is the huge modern mall, where the supermarket is located, it is one of these Indian malls you find in every  big Indian city. A shopping tour in the mall makes you forget misery and poverty. Instead, you get inspired by all huge Western brands…

The most curious scenario I observed in similar surroundings just a few days ago, again in one of these stylish malls. It was the moment of the Click, click, click: People were taking with selfies, very appassionated about it…a first, a second and third one. The next selfie with all family members, another one with the small own child only.

You want to know exactly where people have taken the selfies? In front of a new blinky Renault car put in the center of the mall…. It was unbelievable how many people stopped within a few minutes to take a photo with this car. Some of them  touched it carefully, and a few even tried out how it feels to sit inside the car – a sensation of a miracle in wonderland.

A selfie session
A selfie session

Outside, just a few meters away from the wonder all I see a man, lying on the ground, obviously very ill and covered with  a dirty, old cloth only. People pass by as if he simply is not there…. It is not the only person that obviously feel bad.

It is a crazy world we live in. And these things do not happen in India only.
You find the preference for miracles and wonderlands everywhere, slightly adapted to the surroundings and culture. If it is not the West, then the tasty and secret Orient attracts our attention. And the man there on the street? Well, in the West we close our eyes in front of so many people in need, too. We just have to open the eyes and realize, but they are unable to market and brand themselves. Who cares…let’s dream of the better life instead, drink a good juice, take the selfie and share with the world. Shouldn’t we?

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