Becoming a changemaker, working with young people

Young changemakers and learning from each other – an excellent example how it works

Collaborating with Social Entrepreneurs

Sylvester Agyekum had the privilege to join the MMH Changemaker Weekend in Heidelberg 2015. Read about his experiences during his stay in Heidelberg……

I had the privilege of being in the German city of Heidelberg last week to attend the 4th edition of the “Changemakers’ Wochenende” which is a collaboration between Boehringer Ingelheim and Ashoka International. It is an initiative designed under the Making More Health (MMH) umbrella to support the youth in launching their own changemaking projects with the view to develop an early understanding of empathy, teamwork, problem-solving and leadership behaviour. The platform serves to address and improve local problems in the fields of health such as nutrition, sports, environment and social cooperation or other areas associated with health in the broadest sense.

It was a gathering of 14 project participants – all of them as innovators and no one just as a spectator. It was all…

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