Fantastic ideas to change the world – but no success?

Brochure The budding social entrepreneur
Brochure The budding social entrepreneur
Do you have an idea on how to bring more health  or a better education into the world or on how to fight environmental issues? But then… you fail and it feels as if there is no way to make your idea happen. There might be several reasons behind it, but one reason I experienced several times in the last months was the following one:

The unknown selling point

It happened again – yesterday. A young man from India contacted me and shared a fantastic gaming idea on health education for children. He had heard about my experiences in India and the work with NGOs and tribal people. He had heard about social entrepreneurship and initiatives, such as Making More Health ( where huge industries together with partners from the social sector support people with change making and social entrepreneurial ideas.

Unfortunately, I did not understand well what exactly he was looking for. Did he want to find a sponsor and if so, for what? Or was he looking just for encouragement to go ahead? Maybe he looked for a first contact. But why and which scope he had? Was he interested to get ideas about social entrepreneurship challenges and possible participation in competitions? The hour we had together passed without any concrete question or to do. A real pity, I thought – because finding (whatever kind of) support means that there is a clear idea communicated on what is needed. Ideally, there is a strategic, clear plan, but even a clear idea can be a starting point.

Often it is not the entrepreneurial change making idea that is wrong neither the person behind – it is just a matter of communications and preparation. As in many  circumstances the key selling point will be decisive: You need to be able to explain exactly what you are looking for and why – otherwise it is really hard to think about it and to offer a solution or at least a contact point that might be essential to make your idea a success.

Too many open questions and a solution

I know there are so many questions that often it is difficult to start. The idea fails before you really start.  That’s a pity because there are solutions and a huge number of opportunities in place – if you know what you want and whom to contact.

That’s why I like to share with you an interesting brochure that might helps to approach your idea and to implement it in a more strategic way. Have a look at this brochure “The budding social entrepreneur” . You will find a list with key questions that help you to get a clear picture on your project and to be able to “sell” your idea to investors or other potential stakeholders, such as:

  1. Forming key alliance
  2. Setting business goals and objectives
  3. Establishing a legal entity
  4. Naming your enterprise
  5. Protecting confidential information
  6. Gaining credibility
  7. Funding your venture
  8. Making your case
  9. Launching your business
  10. Protecting against lawsuits
  11. Hiring employees
  12. Establishing rules for professional advisors
  13. Developing standard contracts and forms

Take the time and go through all these questions. Find answers and write them down. Step by step you will develop a real strategic plan. There are issues you cannot clarify by yourself?  If this is not possible identify people who can help you to answer these questions. But now you know exactly which kind of information is missing and you can complete it.

Last, but not least:  Projects can start even small and develop further during the implementation. Prioritization and focusing are prerequisites that will help you in many future situations, as well.

One thing is for sure: the more focused  your idea is and the better you know what you need to make things happen – step by step – the better and clearer other people can understand and collaborate/offer support.

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