The soap bus ticket – an idea that can change a lot

Making more hygiene possible - the soap bus tickets
Making more hygiene possible – the soap bus tickets

When I came across this video I thought this is really amazing – a bus ticket that serves not just as a a ticket but even as soap. Bus tickets – that’s an item everyone has access to. Every day there are a lot of opportunities to hold it in the hands. Independent from social classes, gender, rual or urban surroundings. The idea to produce the ticket in a way that people can make a second and healthy use out of it, is amazing. It will help to promote handwashing, that’s for sure.
Where it happened? In Sri Lanka.
There is a huge campaign ongoing in all busses, bus stations, toilets…posters everywhere. The idea includes obviously a high fun factor and makes more health happen. Just have a look at this video or copy the following link into the browser line:

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