Thinking Isn’t Doing

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Thinking is good, there is no doubt about that. Thinking too much however might not be so good. It?s amazing how often ?over-thinking? leads to ?under-doing.? We think so much about what we should do, or what we?re going to do, that we never actually get around to doing it.

The most successful people know that thinking about doing something will never get it done. As important as thinking is, success in life comes from doing. Good ideas have no chance to become great ideas until somebody does something with them.

Thinking alone never leads to success, it is only when thinking is followed by action that an outcome is produced.

That little bit of insight is not news to anyone. Some of the people reading this will agree with it and start thinking about thinking less and doing more. Then they will think about it some more.

Here areā€¦

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