More health? Then empower people through digital knowledge to take care

… because health means to empower people to care about themselves! Besides the access to Internet (which is available in many rural parts of the world) it is important to teach basic digital knowledge to those who are living in poor surroundings: about how to handle devices, how to use the Internet and writing emails….

Make change happen! Are you really doing something for your target group?

Often when I talk about our learnings and success stories from our Making More Health projects in India and other countries I’m asked how companies can start sustainable projects in emerging countries or with target groups in need. One of the success factors is the win- win approach which is always relevant. For sure there…

Indian beach time

After a business meeting in Mumbai and good discussions with local colleagues about our social entrepreneurial and employee- driven activities in the rural and tribal areas of South India I have finally arrived in Cochin. It’s just a short stop before going to the project area (in Anaikatti border region between Tamil Nadu and Kerala)….

Encourage courage!

  Today I participated in a workshop in Berlin where stakeholders from different sectors discussed on “social Intrapreneurship – added value for companies and society”. There are a lot of discussions ongoing – across all sectors. That’s interesting.  What it is, what it is not, how to measure, if to measure, is it measurable at all…