Social entrepreneurship at the World Health Summit 

It was the second time that we had the chance to run a workshop on social entrepreneurship at the World Health Summit in Berlin. A great opportunity. 

We, that were a  group of people somehow connected to the Making More Health initiative, a cross functional and cross- organizational initiative around social entrepreneurs from all over the world, a huge pharma company, connected NGOs / with the aim to think and act differently, to combine efforts, to network and to try to create innovative approaches around shared value. Very concrete, very hands-on. It’s about ideas to create win win models, and to bring the social and business world closer together. 

It was amazing to see the interest of a huge number of people in joining the session. The room was crowded, many did not find chairs anymore. People of different ages and nationalities. Even last year we had many visitors, but this time it was simply great. 

The content? Well we focused on concrete examples on a project we run in India together with the NGO. And there are many dimensions:

-running health awareness programs and building kindergarten buildings and elaborating together how to leverage more impact on poor people: more education, more health, more small businesses. 

– full immersion exposure weeks with business managers in rural areas of India 

– participation of social entrepreneurs to really think differently and help to scale up. 


Welcome session at the World Health Summit in Berlin
Welcome session at the World Health Summit in Berlin

 Think ahead, act together – that’s what later on during the official evening welcome session in the huge auditorium was stated by high political speakers. 

I think we are on a good way. 

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