Social enterpreneurship for everyone. A trend you should know. 

  Social entrepreneurial thinking has reached politics, universities, companies. In mostly all countries of the world. Where some  years ago the terminology was still unknown or just a few social and economic influencers knew about it, today the number of conferences, articles published and call for competitions have grown enormously. Expert books, but also books for everybody on social entrepreneurial thinking and activities are going around the world – as the recently published one by Sabriye Tenberken on her social entrepreneurial institute Kanthari in Kerala, South India. Her story how she founded this amazing institute as a blind woman and how she attracts changemakers from many countries of the world to teach  about social entrepreneurship is becoming a bestseller. Social entrepreneurship has raised the curiosity of national economies, but also people like you and me. 

And in India? Well, here the Tata group, one of the most influential and industrial groups of the country, recently decided to run and support social entrepreneurial events at a large scale. The social sector starts to collaborate with the private one and competitions for students and online cocreation offers are launched frequently.  Expert articles on social entrepreneurial opportunities and challenges go around the world. 

Well, social entrepreneurial thinking is not new. It has been started also in India at least 30 years ago- but it seems that it has reached a new level of acceptance and popularity. 

Welcome in the social entrepreneurial world!

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Sabriye Tenberken: Die Traumwerkstatt von Kerala. Die Welt verändern – das kann man lernen. Köln, 2015.

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