Three basic hints for startups and social entrepreneurs

Often people ask how to start an own social business. 

You want to make sure that you are well prepared?  Download this question-based guiding brochure “the budding social entrepreneur”. It helps to get an overview on what you should take into consideration before you launch your own business. It’s free. 

You need to “sell” your business idea? 
There are many hints you can follow, you can read many books and listen to many professional speeches. And learn a lot. The most important, but often neglected two basic rules  are

1. Make clear what’s in to the person you are talking to. 

Often we tend to talk about us, our ideas, but people are egocentric. So, put your business partner in the focus of your reflections. What is relevant to him/her? Which are your key messages to raise his/her interest? Keep in mind to describe your idea in a simple way. Too many details are often confusing. 

2. Be clear on what you are looking for.  I observe often that people start talking about their business ideas with a huge enthusiasm. They explain, demonstrate and often it is really interesting. However, at the end often I do not know what they want. Sharing the idea, money, communications support, a contact? 

Make sure you tell what you need at the beginning. As precise as possible. Repeat it at the end and put a question mark. If you don’t ask, you won’t get an answer. 

Communication is key –  In everything you do, even if you think there is no time and you want to focus on other things. 

You want to publish a press release? But how?

Find a good press release template here. 

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