Indian friendships and a next exposure trip with managers

I’m happy to be back to Tamil Nadu, back to the tribal women and villages and to a different part of the world where some things just are seen and done differently. It’s somehow about coming back to the roots, to be closer to earth – a good experience after four months in the “modern” business world. This is an experience I would like to share with more people, because we could learn more effectively from each other and many development work can become more efficient if we just go and see. Talking is easy, doing is what counts. Such concrete “tangible” days can make a huge difference and create more impact to both worlds – because it is the modern world, too, that needs a lot of change. We finally should understand that in a globalized world we depend on each other. 

But back to Tamil Nadu …

I missed it. I missed the direct idea exchange with people who live in another part of the world and who have completely different views on what the world need. I missed  the smiles, I missed the challenging moments.
I arrived a few days ago – because friendships need care. Trust and respect require time to stay together. That’s the most important part if you want to run some development or business activities together. And coming just for doing business together will be just a short term success, as the human component ist missing. How easy things can go if you are able to create the right network and atmosphere around…

I’m here because of leading an exposure week again. Now, in a few hours a leadership training will start with managers from Corporate and in close collaboration with a local NGO. The focus of this week is “learning for managers”, learning to identify own perceptions and different views, focusing on needs and wants and to get the possibility to really test how flexible and empathetic they are.
This week is not about developing projects for the tribals, it is about challenging and developing ourselves. I’m really curious to see how this week will go.

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