How the tribal women gave me a big surprise yesterday

Five months have passed since I have been visiting the tribal village where months ago we had a very good time together with knitting lessons, cooking and more. 

I’m traveling with a group of my company this week and today we have come here  for a short village visit because I want to show them how selfhelp groups can empower women. 
It is a very warm welcome and somehow there is a positive tension around which I cannot  really identify and connect. We have a good introduction but when my colleagues  start to talk and ask questions, one of the tribal woman joins me and asks to come with her to the other site of the room. 

Around ten women are sitting there, looking at me and definetly excited. 

I understand: they have waited all the time to show me something. And now it is the right time: one of the women shows me a knitted cap and she explains me that recently they had knitted 10 such woolen caps and could sell them in the neighborhood. I’m totally surprised. 

Yes, we had had four, five knitting sessions together and yes ,they were able to do a simple knitted piece. But this is much more: they have exercised and designed a cap with knitted laces and different seizes. They have even tried to make money out of it and were successful. 

Back to an amazing tribal woman leader
Back to an amazing tribal woman leader

I’m really proud of them. And they are happy that I’m happy. What a great surprise! 

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