My preferred Indian Christmas picture

I’m visiting often our Making More Health kindergarten when I’m travelling in India. Also yesterday I passed by and found this nativity scene. It’s amazing –  simply because it shows that it could be so easy too accept each other, to share and to enjoy different cultures.

MMH kindergarten Christmas pic
The nativity scene in an Indian kindergarten

In Europe we often tolerate by avoiding “the contact” and finding some strange ways on how to describe things. Let me explain. Sometimes it’s just us to think too much if it fits or not – did you do also discussions with your colleagues and friends on how to send New Year greetings to people who might have another religion? The “neutral” Seasonal greetings are somehow “cold” – I know it’s for respect, we are told. But let’s not make it too complicated. Just share what is a joy and celebrate together as you like. Independent from where it comes and what/where it is part of.

What do you think?

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