Not gifts, but trade – funding for women and children in the Himalayas

Looking for funds to make trade happen

The travel from Delhi to Ghat takes nearly 2 days. It’s a long, difficult travel – the roads are bad, landslides, hundreds of curves. When I arrive there – thanks to the help of Karuna Social Service Society (KSSS), a Social Service Wing of Diocese Bijnor, I discover an amazing and – at the same time – a terrible world. The people are extremly kind and open, they share their daily life with me; the children are happy when I come to the children club. Their joy of life, their singing and dancing in front of an amazing landscape gives me an impression I will never forget. But the families are very poor. The family income is about 30 EUR per month. Floods (2012,2013), earthquakes and natural calamities like in 2015 are devastating and together with the extreme poverty a better life in the future will be nearly impossible if they do not get initial help. The families are struggling for improvement in their livelihood and living status. Help from outside, e.g. from big organisations or the big media have never arrived here. They live at the “end of the world”.
I have promised them to come back – and the next time I would like to do more than just visiting.

That’s why I need your help: I’d like to improve the entrepreneurship skills among rural women, together with KKKS and help to transform unskilled and unemployed rural women into confident employed and self-employed entrepreneurs, so that they have a chance to create a better future on their own.
Where? In 5 villages of Duggada Block in Pauri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand.
What? 30 rural women of the 5 villages with special emphasis on poor families should get trained and organized into rural based small entrepreneur groups and learn tailoring and sweater weaving.
Who can manage it onsite? KSSS will start this programme with formation of Self help groups and capacity building in entrepreneurship development. The women will get a 6 months tailoring and weaving training.. After the completion of the training we are planning to establish a production centre where they can produce initially school uniforms for their regular income. The training centre will also continue with new trainees.

To implement the project effectively in project area organisation have long experience of working in women capacity building programs. There is an expert team of experienced staff in the society. The society will constitute an effective project team which will be responsible for execution of the project activities and achieving the results. Director, Sister Supervisor and accountant will be the volunteer staff members in proposed project.

WHAT DO YOU THINK? CAN YOU HELP TO MAKE A BETTER FUTURE HAPPEN? If so, please click on HERE!  ( German version: )

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