How cleaning agents can change a life

A small business set up in South India
A small business set up in South India

There are several re-used bottles on the bottom: inside there are very colourful liquids: red, yellow, blu, white… And there is a very special, but fresh smell in the air.

I have entered a small room. At the back of the room some big containers are visible.

“My Mum has joined a selfhelp group here in the surroundings some years ago. Since then of life has changed. We have some money now. Not really a lot, but we can live better now,” explains a girl of 16, 17 years. “You know, it’s a very poor part of the city here. Most of the families live under the poverty line…” Together with her father she is demonstrating the small business. They buy concentrate of cleaning agents and mix it with perfum, coloured water and soap oil. “People like these cleaning agents much more than buying concentrate. And we sell a bottle at 40 rupees each (60 cents) …”

Colorful cleaning agents
Colorful cleaning agents

Her father has a bike which he uses to  carry all raw materials home. “We sell the bottles at different parts of the city. A bottle lasts more or less a month”, adds the man. “It was the selfhelp group of my wife who gave us the possibility to get a loan and to start this business. Without this we would never had a chance to start. Now the loan is paid and we can live out of our work.”

I ask the young girl about her future ideas:  “Studying and then becoming a trainer for tailoring and embroidery  .. That’s what I love doing”, and proudly she shows some embroidery work on her really nice looking Indian dress.

Who knows, one day her dreams will become reality.

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    1. Many thanks. I really like to share what I experience during my stays. It is important to let others know that there are positive examples and that social entrepreneurial thinking is key to make change happen. From examples like this one we all can learn.

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      1. mukul chand says:

        thanks for sharing your experiences.


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