A service is a service…  when a European stays in India 



A service is a service
A service is a service

It’s winter in India and with these fantastic day temperatures it is a pleasure to walk around and to visit the country as long as … you can manage the overall existing  air conditioning. Having AC can be fantastic with other temperatures. Now in Indian winter times it can become a problem.  But switching on the AC is key anyhow, a service is a service and this means it has to work – especially for Western tourists.

Just imagine: as soon as you enter a car the driver’s idea is to switch on AC. Western people need good temperatures 🙂 ok, it’s not an issue. It doesn’t take that much too tell them to switch off. The Indian people are very friendly and I like them a lot.

You enter a restaurant and it is good to take a scarf or similar with you. Because cooling down is what upgrades a restaurant to a five star surrounding….

You enter your hotel room and “right” this ‘damned’ sound of air conditioning is there before you have even closed the door. Yesterday I had a real problem to switch it off. Because there was no switch at all. No regulation option at the walls. I screened the wall of this high standard hotel room in Mumbai, everywhere, but nothing. So, what to do? It was late, I was tired and I decided to go to bed. “Switch off the lights”, came to my mind. I found one switch for the bath – the only one. But where to switch off all the other lights?????

I found the solution for all my problems after a while: in a wooden regulation set at one side of the bed. The full- automatic super tablet. Everything is possible: call the butler, laundry service, switch on and off of every single lamp in the room, even the one in the wardrobe and the buttons for AC regulations. Finally done!

Or let’s say: Just one light was still on and there was no way to switch it off. There was just the chance to stuck the entire regulation set.

Well, a service is a service.


The magic water flow
The magic water flow

While writing this post I’m on an airport bus. It’s cold in the bus. The bus stops. Suddenly, water falls on our heads. It’s at least half a litre. It’s sunny outside. Don’t ask me where this water comes from …

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