Are you a storyteller? Support kindergarten project

Even a mirror can make a difference
Even a mirror can make a difference

I am looking at the moment  for some short “mirror” stories for Indian kindergarten children in rural and tribal areas as I want to publish a book on mirror stories for these children. Not for profit. I’m looking for stories which we could use and share with the kindergarten centers, where the children can directly connect to the mirror at the wall. The stories can be short (2 – 3 pages) , in English, funny pics and drawings are very welcome. The stories should be simple, for children aged 3 – 7 years.  Of course, you will get one booklet for free – if we find enoughgood and funny stories and can produce it.

Please contact/send the stories to


For more background information, please have a look also at my post:

A mirror that makes a difference  – Fun, Self-estimation and much more

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