I have a brother, qualifications and degrees, a flat and … cancer – how digital & patient  understanding in the pharma industry changes

Observing pharma conferences 

I gave my last keynote speech on 2012 on digital topics.  At one of the big pharma conferences. Then I changed my job and I got deeper into social business and learned about social entrepreneurs, NGOs, alternative ways of thinking…

I wanted to find out more on what really makes changes happen in the world. I had lost the belief that the “New Media, the fancy website elements, the next app, the hype in being active in Social Media ” would solve what the world needs. Not, that I did not like the tech solutions anymore, but I thought it was not enough and very often I was not able to understand why people did not go deeper to make a real impact happen, but focused on the tools rather on how to create impact. 

I have dedicated my time to explore and learn from social entrepreneurs, how they run different business models, and I started to discuss with the social world about their activities and challenges. I discovered that in both worlds, the business and the social world, there are “invisible walls wich are very difficult to overcome”, too. Traditional processes on both sites, prejudices, silo thinking , different languages …

Today, I did a key note speech again. At the 8th Digipharma conference in Manchester, UK. The title: “Are you a real changemaker or just a technical freak?”

Because it is time to connect the dots. There would be so much to tell about how to connect our all efforts, what if we started to go-create beyond the traditional borders. But not here, not today. 

Let me highlight instead one experience I’ve made today. In one of the conversations I had after the speech I was asked if I saw a change from 2012 to today by visiting the pharma conferences. 

Yes, there is one. Or better several changes.  The big enthusiasm for single channels and tools has become less. Definitely. The limitations of digital tools only is much clearer nowadays. The complexity and “human” approach has definetly gained space – and even we are at the beginning there is an openness to develop from tech freaks to impactful solutions. 

Many speakers highlighted the human acceptance and outlined that acceptance by the patients is key. The buzzwords such as “Multichannel” and “digital” are rediscussed – after many years!!!- to define what it really means. A workshop in the audience on setting up a holistic multichannel strategy – that should be clear since years – took place … and it was very fruitful. 

I personally was impressed especially by one speaker.  He talked about patient centricity. About himself, about being and doing, having and hiding, sharing this slide:


It’s a tragic slide. But it shows who we are, what we think, what patients think and need.  It gave me hope. Hope that understanding the real opportunities of digital combined with real human approach has grown. And that its time to connect the dots to achieve more. 

Let’s finally start to change how we think digital business and create real win- win information for patients who are more than anything else human beings like you and me. 

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