Good News from our past Manager trip in India

“Running a big social project is challenging and needs a good preparation. But there is still huge space to act immediately and to help with small things”.

 In November 2015, some international Corporate  managers have run a leadership session in the tribal areas of Coimbatore staying and collaborating with a NGO, the Karl Kübel Institute for Development Education. Based on the Makingmorehealth program ( they learned a lot about the local health challenges and discussed topics on social entrepreneurship. It was a win for all: a lot of new experiences and ideas on how to run business and social programs together, innovative ideas and empathy.

IMG_5212At the end the managers had also given some donation and dedicated the donation to a local tribal hospital which brought some colours and joy to the paediatric ward. Just have a look and imagine the children when the stars start to shine when it gets dark!

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