Does business mean you loose a part of yourself?

beauty of tribalsCurious, open-minded, proud of what they have and at the same time keen to learn, community based – that’s what amazes me again and again when I visit tribal villages.

“A huge part of me is not present any more, while focusing on the business perspective only it seems that I have forgotten and lost some basics what life means” told me a business manager when he experienced the attitude and lifestyle of tribal village people. “I see these people and the women and in a really challenging environment they create the beauty out of  themselves. The women have flowers in their hair, they use nice smells, their attitude and movements are full of positive behaviour and they smile to the world.”

beauty of tribals2bWe have to bring that back to the world of the wealthy people, to our daily business activites, to smile when we reach work, when we sit in the meetings, to make other people feel good – let’s say this kind of making the world look much more beautiful. This would bring real change to the world, wouldn’t it? What do you think?

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