Delhi, Leh, Coimbatore – ready for the next social entrepreneurial experience

Upcoming news from India

There are just a few days left before travelling to India again. This time there are a lot of interesting activities and projects on the agenda. A few hours in Delhi, a weekend in Leh, back for business to Delhi, and then to the South. A 7days leadership experience with international managers will take place and needs to be organized and done. With the rural and tribal kindergarten teachers we , my local project managers and myself, will do a two days community building workshop. Together with local doctors and two colleagues from Germany we will do a healthy prevention program with selfhelp groups. This means a lot of preparation  and networking  –  but the most exciting moment will be to discuss the idea with the women themselves and to understand what they really are looking for and what would be helpful to them. It is amazing to see the growing number of people from very different backgrounds  who help to make our activities and  projects a success and meaningful and very often actively engage, too.

There are a lot of visits on the list, too – and I look forward to them: Visiting the new kindergarten, the villages, the self-help group women who have worked so much to make our tailored quiz game happen, visiting children homes and meeting old friends, long talks and discussions with NGO representatives. A highlight will be also the participation in an Indian wedding on a Sunday of a good friend (any idea for a nice gift?).

So, if you interested in what will happen, watch out – a lot of new information, pictures and videos will come from 12 November onwards!

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