When a cow is grown by sisters …

The Magic cow
The Magic cow
The story has been published yesterday on a local newspaper and the sisters proudly show me the article when I visit them. 

“The story started two years back when I went for a meeting to a priest’s house who besides being a priest is taking care  of some cows, too. I really like cows and that’s why he showed me the animals. A few days later he gave us one of his cows as a gift. You may have seen the shelter and place behind our building  where the cow stays…”

The article in the local journal
The article in the local journal

This cow is a magic one

“It’s two years now that the cow is with us. But it’s not the only one anymore, we have five cows now. Come and see,” she says. How is this possible in such a short period and with one cow only?

One year ago the  cow has born two twin calves. They are identical twins, in good conditions and looking curiously when we arrive at the shelter. 

Only a week back the same cow has born twins again, fraternal twins this time. A make and a female one. They look so cute ….  

“Can you see the white spot in the front of the youngest calves?”, she asks me. “That’s a good sign, people say. A sign for a long life and a good growth”. 

Let’s see what will happen.  Who knows how many cows will be there in the future. The holy mother cow is a really peaceful and nice animal. If she continues to give twins and the children cows will do the same, there will be some additional income source. 

And the sisters? They are happy about such a kind of miracle. They run a NGO in a big town in Tamil Nadu, SouthIndia  caring about orphanage children, abandoned mentally ill women.  They empower women in many selfhelpgroups and microentreprenerial activities. Any support is very needed. The cows are a small miracle that may help to do some extras for all these people in need. 

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