Small innovations, happy children

An innovative kindergarten in Ommala
An innovative kindergarten in Ommala

Somehow it has become famous. Somehow I’m very proud of it, of the local project  managers and of all who have contributed to make this happen.

I have seen a lot of people leaving comments in the guest book since its inauguration in June 2016. Only 5 months ago. Even the regional head of all kindergarten teachers has come for a visit when he had read about it in some journals. He came on purpose. A ca. 400 km trip from Trivandrum to Ommala, which in India means at least a day trip. Finally, I’m here now, too: at our second Making More Health kindergarten in the rural areas of Kerala in SouthIndia

Why is this kindergarten a special one? 

The kindergarten in Ommala is not comparable with a private kindergarten in an Indian city or with kindergarten buildings for middle and upper class people: No white board, no creativity corner, no fancy stuff. But – it is a very special kindergarten for children from poor families in the rural areas.

When I arrive I see a very colourful building and the kitchen garten. It is a small, but very nice one. The first flowers are there and potatoes, dal and some small vegetables will grown soon. The building is visible from distance. It is the most coulorful building in the surroundings. And inside there are nicely painted walls, enough children chairs, a smokeless chullar and a small storage room. This might be normal for you, but it isn’t.

The most innovative attraction 

An innovative water collection system
An innovative water collection system

It’s the rain harvesting system that attracts attention. It is a two tank system, one of the tanks where water is delivered by the local government and can be stored, and a second one where rain water is collected from the roof and filtered to a quality that it can be used for cooking, and delivers – without any pumps – water to the water tap inside the kitchen and the children toilet.

Sure, there are still many items to be added. Even simple things such as glasses, some more toys  (there are just a very few plastic toys, not filling even a small bucket). There is no merrygoround outside and there a rubbing mats needed so that the children do not hurt when they play.

But step by step we will do it. Next week I will ask our managers who come for a leadership week if they can make a contribution.

But one thing the children have already, one thing that might the most important one: A very warm hearted teacher and a lady cook who care with a lot of dedication for the children. Isn’t it one of the most important things a child need?

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