So happy to meet my graphic designer girls from Mangalore 

Visit at Prajna counselling center in Mangalore
Visit at Prajna counselling center in Mangalore

Just a year ago I met them for the first time. The girls come from a difficult family background, partly they have grown up in the orphanage in Mangalore. Every morning they come and take graphic design classes, offered by a few volunteers under the guidance of Gita. They are 16, 17 years old – school dropouts. The future? 

Maybe there is hope. 

Gita and her team do a fantastic job. The girls learn in a few months – right from the beginning ( they do not have even a mobile) to work with High professional tools and to develop nice storybooks for children. 

That’s what we do together, too. Because there is a win to everyone. 

I need some nice children books for the kindergarten projects in South  India and there they will enjoy these books. I’m sure. I could have asked very high professionals to work on it, but isn’t it a better choice to give some orders to these girls?

The girls do not just get some professional skills that hopefully will help them to create some income, but experience also how to work in teams, learn soft skills and become more and more self-confident. 

The first two books are ready and the third is under way. 

And me? There is nothing better than to see the smile in the designer girls. Thanks Gita, Sujatha and Ujwala for this fantastic work. 

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