Kindergarten teacher platform launched -because digital is key to all!

mymmhA few weeks ago we have launched a platform for all kindergarten and anganwadi teachers in India, called
If you are interested to have a look at it or to collaborate, please feel invited to join us. The Mymmh platform is open and accessible to everyone – all over the world.

How it started
The idea was born during a workshop with rural kindergarten teachers who normally have a lot of challenges to connect on a daily basis and to exchange ideas. Digital knowledge and access were identified as the two bottlenecks we had to overcome. The starting point is done. Now, we all together try to make it a really helpful and useful platform for all anganwadi and kindergarten teachers – at a very practical and pragmatic level.

What is the idea behind?
The idea is to offer and to share information that might be helpful to all of us/you.
It includes a creativity and health corner with a lot of information for the daily work of kindergarten and anganwadi teachers in India. It is a one-in-all platform from where to start and find in a very simple way the information needed.
Just have a look at it:

img_9678A two level approach – a globally accessible information source for all and closed discussion groups on a local level

Besides this open community platform, we have formed a Facebook group place where you discuss just with your own community. The first local Facebook group (closed group) has started to work. You will find some information at the Facebook chapter of about the scope and how it works. However, you will not be able to get access to the local Facbook group link that is shown there as this is a closed group. What’s a closed group? That’s the place where you can discuss and share information just among YOUR group of teachers. You decide who is part of it and who can see it/be active on it it.

How you can engage:

  • You can be a passive reader and just take the ideas
  • If you are interested to open your local Facebook group (it does not cost anything), please let me know. Your own closed anganwadi teacher Facebook group is just a few clicks away. So, if you are an anganwadi teacher in another part of India (or even a kindergarten teacher in other parts of the world) who wants to open a discussion forum for you and your colleagues, you can do. It will not cost anything, but it needs your passion and time, because you will become the administrator and steer it.
  • Your ideas on how to develop the site are very welcome!!! Examples on how to collaborate are:
    • Are you willing to share creative ideas?
    • Do you want to give some English classes online for anganwadi teachers?
    • Do you have some digital devices that you could donate?
    • Are you a web designer/agency and willing to optimize the platform for free? Just let me know.

img_9690We would be happy to have you on board!

Just contact us.


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