Silicon Indian Valley tour – Innovindia.  A training  on social entrepreneurship & innovative business models with impact

Learning from each other. Where business meets social.
Just as a reminder: The next disruptive leadership experience is coming. Apply till 18 February at 

What is Innovindia?

This training week in rural India will be a real challenge to you and to your way to think innovative future business models. It shows ways on how you can combine what you aim for in private live and what is needed for a business. Social Entrepreneurship is in the focus. Social intrapreneurial thinking is key.  Not everyone has to become a social worker, but we can all contribute by making our work meaningful, by building unusual relationships and networking beyond traditional sectors, by thinking processes differently and by taking risks to innovate – without getting lost.

It feels like being in “a Silicon Valley for innovation with impact“. 

Meet senior managers from big companies, impactful startups and tribal people – sometimes all together in one day. 

Learn about social entrepreneurship, experience out of the comfort zone. It’s an unusual week with experiences you won’t get in any theoretical training. Safe, but adventurous and impact-driven. Fun, but challenging. A 24/7 training. Seven days. But what really counts, is what will happen afterwards when you are back in you office. Make innovation happen!

By the way: All profit goes to impact making and social entrepreneurial projects you will visit during the week.

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