Do Not do things just better, but differently 

“Over time, markets change so much that it’s not enough to be better at what you do. You need to do something differently.” That’s what I stumbled across in one of the articles on business innovation and what does not go out of my mind. 

What if we apply it not just in traditional business and competitive marketing surroundings, but also in the way on how we think about social development activities, about poverty, about malnutrition, about making the world better? 

We shouldn’t don’t take anything for granted: The ideas how to change, the structures, they way with whom we partner and how we act…

Let’s come from the end prospective, how ideally it could look, the better world. The only leading question is how to get there. There are a lot of ideas around, ideas by combining charity and business activities, combining sectors that have been worked separately for decades, overcoming the classifications of the several industries and institutions on what they do and whom they partner with – and how we could combine. It would make sense to use existing infrastructures and adding powerful positive disruptive activities by and from those we never have put in the inner circle of “potential partners”. 

So why we don’t do it?  

Often we just stuck in our traditions, in how we learned to work and think. The idea killers such as its not on our agenda, we have no time for it, we gave no experience…. And the administrative and legal challenges do not contribute too much to do things differently. It takes a lot of energy, it takes a lot of passion. But it could make the difference. The difference we should look for – for making a better world happen.

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